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It has never been so important to build powerful and transformative movements.

We live in a moment of profound struggle over the future of humanity. Will we leave generations to come a world of growing justice, of racial and gender equality, a world in which each person has what they need to thrive? Or will authoritarians and white supremacists win out as climate chaos ravages our precious planet?

It’s a time of uncertainty, but a culture of resistance—rooted in the successful movements of history—can guide and sustain us in the struggle at hand.

I wrote Full Spectrum Resistance to celebrate movements that win, and to show how to build them. To dismantle a mythology of false change that keeps people immobilized. And to share the tools that brought past movements to victory.

I’m excited that this free eBook of Full Spectrum Resistance will make these tools more available at a crucial moment.

Let’s fight, together, for a future worth living in.

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P.S. Available until July 5, 2020. I’ll be posting other resources, including an audio version of the first chapter, on my Facebook page this week.